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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  July 19, 2011 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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er looking at coastguard video of an amazing rescue that unfolded live on tv. a missing wind surfer pulled out of bay after surviving ten hours in the water. i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze. >> it's remarkable.
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woman is doing well to be recovering at home. the search for her begin yesterday evening when she disappeared while wind surfing near coyote point. we have live team coverage but let's gri begin with amy hollyfield at sfo. amy? officers say adrenalin was keeping them going and they got a rush of excitement. take a look at this rescue video provided by the coastguard. >> she is just really tired and still really cold and kind of weak. but she feels okay. she is sort of like, she is
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feeling better. by tomorrow she will be back to her usual self. >> reporter: that was the husband of kathy in how she is feeling this morning after her rough night. we do have amazing pictures and the story of her rescue. i'm waiting to hear if that video is ready to go. do we have it? it is such a great story. the coastguard took amazing video of the rescue. 13 hours she had been in the water. i'm going toss it back to the newsroom where i understand they will pick up the story for me. thank you so much. we'll hear more from both of you and n a little while. let's move on to this story. friends of a petaluma man who
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has been missing in the gulf of california are raising money to aid in the search. mexican navy and coastguard called off the search. his friends have raised $14,000 to hire a deep water dive team to look for the ship's wreckage and determine if any fishermen was on it. m are your are your was hit with a pie -- rupert murdoch was hit with a pie. >> he was interrupted with a plateful of shaving cream, earring it in his face. before an after the physical act, a verbal attack by the parliament that sometimes left them off balance.
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>> more than 2 hours into the testimony, rupert murdoch received a faceful of shaving cream compliments of a man that turned out to be johnny marble. previously he had been caught off guard by the comments from the committee. >> are you guilty of threats and was it your intention? i don't see why you are not taking it serious. >> you are not really saying that. >> rupert murdoch and his son saying they had little knowledge of day to day going on of news in of the world that hacked phone male of politicians and celebrities and a 13-year-old murder victim. >> but the younger murdoch said -- >> that testimony is going on
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right now but earlier london police chief paul stephenson who resigned over the scandal say there are ten members of the public affairs staff that has worked for news international. they shut down the website for murdoch, the times of london and redirecting people about fictional story about the death of rupert murdoch. >> and japan continues to recover from the massive earthquake and tsunami. the fukushima daiichi plant has now reached stability and that the first time they have been able to stay that since the earthquake in march. the trade minister also announced officials are on track to bring the reactor to so-called cold or safe shut down within six months and radiation levels have significantly decreased. >> the coastguard rescue of a
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female wind surfer this morning. >> let's join amy hollyfield live at the coast station. >> apologies for the technical difficulties, the coastguard took video of it. it is incredible, this is the helicopter she was pulled to safety. this crew is only going to be out for another hour before they are going to take a break and refuel and spotted her just in time. >> as they were lowered into the bay he wasn't worried about himself. he is says he was concerned about what state kathy katone would be in. the 62-year-old had been in the water for 13 hours. >> she was in excellent condition. she didn't complain and calm, cool and collected. >> her sail had failed her late
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yesterday afternoon and she wasn't able to piece it back in. she tried to paddle but the current was too much for her to overcome. so she spent the night, draped over her board while crews searched for her. lieutenant gated sterns first spotted her board at 6:00 this morning. >> when we that l flew in we saw she was clinging to it. that was big surprise because we saw the board first. she looks to be in really good condition and good spirits. >> she said she knew she was being looked for and she was ready to get home. >> there is a good chance that rescuers passed over her during night because of the darkness would have made it tough to see her. this is the second flight crew to search. this scene launched at 2:30 this morning, when the fog cleared and daylight hit it made all the difference. when they finally did recover her, 13 hours later, all the
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rescuers had the they amount of relief. >> everyone was really excited and kind of disbelief. she did a great job. i was really surprised how good a shape she was. >> they took her to an ambulance over at sfo where paramedics checked her out and determined she was fine and told her she could go home. officers went on and on she had a good life jacket and good west suit. if you want to make a moment out of this, she could have been using strobe lights, they would have found her sooner but overall, it's so impressive how she handled her situation. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." we have little grem lens in our system but we are going try it with nick smith.
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the husband must be so relieved right now. >> he was extremely relieved but he mentioned the whistle. if you look over my shoulder, i'll show you where she was found. it was breaking news. we were just west of the san mateo bridge in an area called coyote point. dr. steven hammond held this photo of him and his wife kathy. the couple pictured smiling doing what they love to, do enjoying the outdoors, but it was last night that kathy, an experienced wind surfer with more than 20 years of sport under her belt got in a bit of trouble. a multi-agency search started last night provided the outcome everyone hoped for live this morning. this helicopter spotted the 62-year-old woman clinging to her boed board and elevated her to safety. her husband steve says after
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hours in the water she is okay. >> she is just kind of really tired and still a little cold, kind of weak. she feels okay. she is sort of like -- she is feeling better. i think by tomorrow she will be back to her usual self. >> the search at eight peak included crews and autos of five boats and ground crews searching the bridge and east bay shoreline areas. at one point, we understand that a rescue boat was 50 feet away from her but because of the low lighted conditions and the waves it made her extremely difficult to see. everything is all good today. taking care of your body may save your mind. the simple steps you can takes to lower your risk of alzheimer's.
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>> some progress, president obama spoke to reporters with a new assessment on how debt reduction talks are going in congress. >> and michael vick, how his mistake can=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=xx
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you can see >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. california senator dianne feinstein outlined her plans to try to repeal defense of
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marriage action. it defines marriage only between a man and woman. she believes public sentiment is opposing the law. she sits on the senate judiciary committee and they will hear testimony from same-sex couples who believe the law is unconstitutional. defense of marriage act oppresses them from filing joint tax returns and many other benefits that other couples do. >> many people are impacted precisely after the death of their spouse or when their spouse is seriously ill. this discrimination is just that plain and simple discrimination. >> in new york city a lottery will be held for couples on first day it will be legal. more than 7860 couples will be selected to get married on sunday. this is video of the celebration. after the senate passed the bill legalizing same-sex marriage
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last month. new york is the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. >> republicans have moved toward voting on the bill that would raise america's debt limit in exchange for cutting trillions of dollars in spending. it also calls for a constitutional amendment that requires a balanced budget but democrats control the senate and oppose the measure. president obama promises to veto it. they pushed a bipartisan plan supported by seven senators this morning. >> my hope and what it will be urge can speaker boehner and n proposal pell as well as leader reid and mitch mcconnell that they tomorrow are prepared to start talking turkey and actually getting down to craft ago plan to move us forward. >> the bipartisan plan calls for reforms to entitlement programs like social security and trim
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the national deficit by $4 trillion. >> michael vick visited capitol hill today to bring his anti-dogfighting message to congress. he wants to keep children from not making his same mistake. >> this has two parts, making a crime to bray child to a fight and making it a crime to be a spectator at the event. i hope that representatives and senators will read this message and join us in support for legislation. >> the football star has been speaking out and working with humane societies. he nike announced that he was re-signing him to a endorsement deal. let's take a look outside and show you some of the good news of the fog retreating back to the coast. flight arrival delays are over
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at sfo. we do have warmer weather not everywhere today but kind of tomorrow. kind of a roller coaster in temperatures and i'll show you them in a minute. >> and insurance companies covering birth controls for free. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?!
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out of the porous caverns of grout takes the right tools, but it also takes a gentle, caring touch. before you can deep clean, you learn to get a feel for its trouble spots. and hey, if you can't listen to grout, you can't truly know its wants...its needs...its dreams.
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♪call 1-800-steemer. they are on their way home, smairs space shuttle undocked from the international space station last night. they are due back on thursday morning. they left behind a year's worth of supplies and left the space station crew with a shuttle model and u.s. flag that flew on the first mission in 1981. florida homecoming will mark the end of the 30-year shuttle program. >> and are we bidding farewell to cooler than usual temperatures. >> maybe average temperatures next week. as far as what is going on, let's take a look outside and look downtown, you got a stiff
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northwest wind about 13 miles an hour and keeping cooler than you would expected with all that sunshine. one more perspective, let's take a look from mount tamalpais, sausalito and san francisco, even the fog as it is retreating back to the coast as we talked about it wosmt should be there i would say about noon. it will clear along north to south and you psych that on the visible satellite. north bay beaches, see the sun first and peninsula it will be harder but by the end of the day you will see some also. see what it is doing to the temperatures. areas of sunshine like santa rosa and fairfield and antioch are exactly where they should be. other areas a little cooler, oakland, fremont and san jose, six to seven degrees there. those temperatures running in the low to mid-50s but those other areas, 70 in santa rosa.
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>> around monterey bay, 50 with clouds and everybody else seeing sunshine. throw mid-70s for watsonville and gilroy. mostly sunny everywhere but the warming trend will continue inland. rest of us will take a reprieve today because of the morning clouds. now, the clouds tonight should stay at the coast and lead to a warmer day tomorrow. that will help build temperatures a little higher as we head into next week. for today, san francisco, oakland, san jose, fremont, the same is just a little bit cooler and concord and santa rosa should be warmer about 4-5 degrees. 82 in dublin to 87 in brentwood so low to upper 80s in the east bay valleys. in richmond. everybody else on the east bay shores, in the low to mid-60s. breeze coming off the bay but warmer los gatos and saratoga, low to mid 80s there. 70 in millbrae. mid-80s for the rest of the
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peninsula. downtown san francisco in the upper 60s. low to upper 70s right up 101 from sausalito to santa rosa. monterey bay, 68 there, low to mid-70s gilroy, watsonville. check out the heat in palm springs, 112 palm springs. first it's going to be cool and kind of breezy at the game with the dodgers. 7:15 first pitch. tonight without the clouds, temperatures will be cooler in the 50s and few 60s holding out around concord and antioch. here is the area of high pressure as another area of high pressure down to the southwest that. one that is going to bring us the warmer weather, tomorrow's temperatures jump 6-89 degrees as you head inland and temperatures will be pretty close to average, 90 inland and mid to upper 70s around the bay and low to mid-50s around the coast and sunday and monday when
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we see warmer weather. the institute of medicine is calling on the government to make sure that birth control is available for free. non-partisan panel of doctors wants to require insurance companies to cover birth control as preventative care and that would mean no copayments and it would include counseling on sexually trance tras transmitted diseases. new r suggests millions of patients with alzheimer's disease could be prevented if people choose to lead healthier lifestyles. they say the disease could be reduced by curbing risk factors, have such as smoking, diabetes, too little eastbound fer exercise and obesity and high blood pressure. an associate professor made the
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study and it's also published on line. >> we'll be right back.
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breaking news, war learning a marin county deputy was found dead and another person was also found dead. sonoma county sheriff's department the case is being investigated as a double homicide. we'll have more at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> that is going to do
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